The day begins
day photos

…and you greet the sun from our terraces or lawn while you make your pre-hike stretch. Or perhaps you’re
already on the trail, breathing in the still, cool air and taking in the beauty of the new morning.


The morning hike is designed to do more than make you stronger (although it will do that as well.) Stress
levels are reduced as you experience an environment of organic sounds, fresh air and visual stimulation.
There is a rejuvinative quality in natural beauty, whether it be as huge as the tri-peaks ridge or as tiny and
perfect as a rare blue butterfly . We encourage you to take it in and record it in your journals — in words or
pictures or both.


When you return there is a hot water out door shower, lunch, yoga, strength training, balance training, a
luxurious massage, contemplative time with options to journal or watercolor or garden, dinner prep and
the evening meal followed by an evening hike, then bed. And then, probably the most important gift of
Island Malibu — deep and restful sleep.

day images