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Rest…after a day of hiking, stretching, working out, and exercise there’s a massage, hot tub and an outdoor shower after which you can wrap yourself in a luxurious robe.   You are free to wander through the olive groves or lie on the lawn.  Or simply contemplate the beautiful blue horizon with a cup of tea at hand.  There are outdoor fireplaces to sit by and comfortable beds to sleep on.  If the weather is warm enough, you can even sleep outside under a gauzy mosquito net. 


Sleep is a medically recognized (and most often overlooked) component of a healthy life.  At Island Malibu sleep is one of the cornerstones of our wellness philosophy.   If you are with us for the weeklong retreat we house you in our guest cottage, family style (separate rooms by arrangement.)  Enfolded by the quiet, dark mountains and lulled by the distant murmur of the ocean you can truly enjoy a good night’s sleep.

scenery photos
scenery photos