sunset chair

…an island of peace and serenity, a place of welcoming beauty.
Quiet enough to hear birdsong in the morning and the ocean at night.


Island Malibu is a retreat for women.   We give you respite from the world and allow you to reconnect to the basic truths of nature.  Our philosophy begins with a question:  What do you want to be like in ten, twenty, thirty years?  Our aim is to provide you with a maintainable template for a healthy and productive future.   Our approach is simple:  walk, exercise, reflect, eat, sleep.   Wake early, walk our mountains, stretch and strengthen in body and mind, eat fresh, seasonal local food, sleep well.


This is a boutique retreat.  Our guest count is never more than six, enabling us to provide focused instruction in yoga, strength training, and functional agility.   Our group activities include water coloring and journaling for the mind and hand, gardening and cooking to nourish the creative forces.  And contemplative time to retreat and sit on a daybed under a canopy among the olive trees.


Island Malibu — an island on the land.  A haven for those in need of rest and renewal.   Step out of your busy life and come visit.