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…what do we mean by “maintainable?”  It’s simple, we want the changes you make in your diet at Island Malibu, to carry forward into your regular daily eating habits.  So we don’t offer food that takes hours to prepare, or can only be found in specialty gourmet stores, or takes a chef to make.   Our focus is on food that is simple, fresh, seasonal, local and nourishing.


While you are our guests at Island Malibu we invite you into our gardens, orchards and kitchen to participate, question, suggest or just sit and watch as we prepare the evening meal.   These meals have been designed by a nutritionist to provide a basis from which you can create and plan your own menus at home.  Food is a pleasure to be savored. 


Our emphasis is on taste and ease of preparation as well as smaller portion sizes and a reduced intake of fats.  Your daily calories are limited and you will lose weight but our aim is to make this process as healthy and appealing as possible.   At Island Malibu we consider the making of smart dietary choices an essential building block to a healthy life.


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