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Is Island Malibu an actual island?
Geographically, no. But because our property consists of 19 acres on the southern slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains, the peace and privacy we experience is like that of an island on the land.


Are you a retreat?
Island Malibu is a retreat, but much more. The beauty and peace of our surrounding make it easy for our guests to disconnect from their normal harried routine. We firmly believe that everyone needs to “take a breath”, experience quiet, and achieve some perspective. Here in the mountains, above the sea, our guests learn new strengths, both physically and mentally and new skills in both diet and exercise that they can integrate into a more healthy lifestyle. We believe in giving our guests a maintainable template for a healthy life including time to contemplate and be quiet. Our goal is that when our guests depart, they do so better equipped to meet life’s challenges.


How many people will be on the retreat?
We are a “boutique retreat” — our maximum guest count is never more than six people. This enables us to focus on you as an individual and give you the care and attention you deserve.


What is the daily program?
You will rise early and welcome the sun from one of our many yoga platforms or you will already be out on the trail, depending on the time of year. We take you on a daily hike, return for stretching, yoga, and strength-training. Then a massage and contemplative time for journaling, watercoloring, reading or gardening. A delicious vegetarian dinner followed by a walk ,then bed. Our focus is on a healthy, maintainable regime that you can take with you when you leave.


How long is the Island Malibu program?
Island Malibu’s retreat program runs from Monday to Friday (four nights and five days.) Guests arriving in Los Angeles at LAX on Monday will be picked up by our Island Malibu shuttle Local guests will be picked up from our designated Meeting Place in Santa Monica. We do not allow guest vehicles to be parked on the property, but if you wish to be driven directly to our ranch we will give you the contact information for our licensed limo service . On Friday our driver will return guests to LAX and to the designated Meeting Place in Santa Monica at 3 p.m..


Is there Internet or cell connectivity?
No, there is no cell or WiFi available. We ask our guests to detach from the busy world and completely disconnect. This is essential for everyone to relax into the tranquility of the mountains and the ocean for the time you’re our guest. Prior to check-in we send you contact details which can be left with family and/or friends in case of an emergency, but otherwise we ask you to unplug.


What are sleeping accommodations?
You will be housed in our cottage, which is in the middle of olive & oak groves. Our guests sleep on several delightful daybeds on the screened verandah. Arrangements can also be made for private sleeping quarters. At the cottage there are hot water outdoor & indoor showers, a hot tub, and outdoor fireplace. The cottage and garden are walled and completely private.


Are meals included?
All meals are vegetarian, organic, and prepared from seasonal produce grown in our gardens, groves, or brought in from local farmers’ markets. As part of Island Malibu’s philosophy of maintainable healthy living, we encourage our guests to help harvest and prepare the evening meal each day.


I am coming from out of state, what’s the prevailing weather?
In Malibu we are blessed with an enviably pleasant climate — mild during summer when our temperatures tend to be in the 70s and cool during winter when temperatures tend to be in the high 50s, low 60s. Malibu also gets an average of 280 sunny days in the year.


What will I bring with me?
We will send a packing list with your confirmation package. We supply long sleeved t-shirts, hats, and robes. There are also back-up items should you forget anything. We do recommend that you purchase your hiking footwear at least a few weeks ahead of your visit and break them in with daily walks. We also recommend that before you leave to come visit us, you empty your fridge and pantry of all Items Of Temptation (we send a list.) so that when you return home,you’ll continue on a progressive path.


I’ve never done yoga before – how will I know what to do?
Don’t worry. Our yoga teachers can accommodate all levels of ability and welcome the opportunity to instruct beginners. Much of what we’ll be doing can be replicated back home. Our small guest count means that you will experience one on one instruction and will have mastered the basics in no time at all.


I don’t know if I am fit enough to take part in the daily regime.
Before you arrive at Island Malibu we send you a questionnaire about your exercise habits, life-style, and goals. Our trained staff analyzes your responses and determines an appropriate level of exercise. This is further confirmed by your orientation consultation with each of our trainers.
The low ratio of guest to trainer ensures that you receive thorough individual attention and allows you to maximize your fitness experience and instruction at Island Malibu. You can expect that you will be challenged physically and will accomplish things you never before thought possible.


How do I make a reservation? And what is the payment schedule?
Contact us via the Contact Link in the Menu Bar. If you would prefer to make your reservation by phone let us know a number and time that works for you. Your reservation requires a 50% deposit at time of booking. The remaining balance is due by credit card 30 days prior to your arrival. In the event of a cancellation within 30 days of your visit, and if we are able to fill your opening, we will happily credit you less a 10% cancellation fee. A 10% cancellation fee will be charged to all refunded deposits.


Can guests stay for more than one week?
Yes. Guests who wish to enroll in our extended retreats (10 day, 15 day, 20 day, etc) should contact us directly at info@islandmalibu.com for more details.


Are gratuities included in the cost?
Gratuities are not included in the cost of your stay and are purely at your discretion. Guests are under no obligation to leave a gratuity.


Are couples welcome?
Yes, when we have mixed gender schedules. We can accommodate couples of either or both genders. Contact info@islandmalibu.com for more details.


Is transportation provided?
Yes. Once you arrive at the designated Meeting Place in Santa Monica, we will provide your transportation to and from Island Malibu. We pick up our guests on Monday at noon and drop off at designated Meeting Place in Santa Monica the following Friday at 3pm.